Where are you based?
Our studio is based in De Waal House, Woodstock, Cape Town. Consultations are by appointment only.

What do consultations cost?

Bridal consultations are R600 for an hour long meeting with the designer, or R300 for an hour with our bridal consultant Meg.

​Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes please. We are unable to accept walk ins. Follow the consultation booking link on our site to make your booking.

What should I bring to my consultation?

Please bring some of your reference pictures and ideas. It is best to come with an idea of your budget so that we can know how best to advise you.

Should you wish to try on our dresses in studio, please wear nude underwear and bring a pair of heels.

We limit the amount of people who can accompany our brides to consultations to 3 special and supportive people. Too many opinions can cloud your judgement and make for a stressful experience. Please do not bring anyone who will undermine your decisions, criticise you or your body and make you doubt yourself. This dress is 100% about you, and what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

How long in advance should I get in touch about getting my wedding gown made?
We need an absolute minimum of 4 months to complete a wedding gown. Bespoke gowns generally go into production at least 6 months before the collection date. We recommend a timeframe of 6 - 12 months before the date.

International brides should factor in the time it takes to ship the garment, get it through customs and do any potential alterations.

What if my wedding is sooner?

Should your wedding be 4 months or less away, please inquire with us anyway. If the studio can accommodate you we will endeavor to do so. However, this will incur a rush fee of 20% of the gown price to cover the necessary overtime that will be worked.

Do you work with international or out of town brides?
Of course! We are very experienced in working with brides from a distance and have created many bridal gowns off measurements alone. Provided we are able to get you accurate measurements we are confident that we will be able to deliver a perfectly fitted garment. However we do recommend ordering your dress early enough so that there is time to take it to a tailor should minor tweaks be necessary.

What does a bespoke gown cost?
Bespoke gowns range hugely in price as the cost is calculated on the amount of hours that go into creating them. These gowns are made from scratch for each individual bride; right from the pattern which is made exactly to your measurements, to the design and embellishment. Each bespoke gown is totally different from the last and can take hundreds of hours to construct, so quotes are only given after our first consultation. Our simplest gowns take at least 80 hours to create and the time investment increases from there depending on complexity. As of 2024 our bespoke gowns start from R35 000 and increase from there depending on the fabric, complexity and time involved.

What if I don't want to go the custom route?
Having a a bespoke gown made can be quite daunting. If it is not for you we create annual bridal gown ranges that can be fitted at our studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. These are gowns are made up in standard sizes and take 4 - 6 months to complete. These gowns range in price from R25 000 - R52 000. Gowns from our collections are made to order to your measurements.

What if I want to make changes to a gown from a collection?

Yes, it is possible to make certain changes to our collection gowns. We call this offering Semi Bespoke. Certain changes like shortening the train will not impact the price, while others like combining the top and bottom of two different dresses, or changing a fabric will incur an additional fee. However, changes will be made at the designer's discretion so that the garment is still of a high quality and continues to represent the Sadie Bosworth design aesthetic. Please communicate with the designer regarding your ideas and she will give you more information during your consultation.

What sizes can your gowns be made in?
Our bespoke and ready to wear gowns can be made in any size, and we are committed to creating the best possible fit for your unique figure.

Do you make bridesmaid outfits?
No we do not make bridesmaid dresses. However if you are looking for something special we can accommodate your order as a bespoke evening gown. See below.

Do you make matric dance, evening dresses and mother of the bride/groom dresses?
Yes we do make matric dance dresses and occasion wear. We specialize in couture finishing and luxury handwork techniques and only work with the best imported fabrics. These gowns often take as much time as our bridal gowns and are priced accordingly. Custom evening wear starts at R18 000.

Do you hire out bridal and evening gowns?

No, unfortunately we do not hire out bridal or evening wear as the dresses are very delicate and get damaged too easily. We cannot alter our gowns for each hire, so a badly fitted dress reflects poorly on our brand.

We stock some pieces at Style Rotate.

What other garments and accessories do you offer?
We have a range of veils, overskirts and cover up tops available, as well as our signature tulle robes.

Our accessory range Bijoux includes a wide variety of beautiful earrings, headpieces, necklaces and handbags which you can use to complement your look.

What payment options do you offer?
Online payment can be made using an EFT, payment link through our website which uses PayFast, PayPal, PayFlex or credit card in store.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we use PayFlex which enables you to pay off your purchase over 4 monthly installments.


Does Bijoux have a physical store?
No, Bijoux is an online store. The range is available to view at our Bridal Atelier, but we are unable to accept walk ins.

Do you make the Bijoux accessories?

Bijoux is a carefully curated selection of the most beautiful and unusual accessories we could find from a number of high quality suppliers, both local and international. All accessories are found and selected by Sadie Bosworth to complement her design aesthetic.

Can I change the design of the Bijoux accessories?
Unfortunately we do not offer customization of our Bijoux accessories.